Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new excuse.

Last night we had put Devan down to bed, and a little while later he came out of the room. I asked him, "What are you doing Devan?" He replied nonchalantly, "Checking my e-mail." And preceded to play with his toys. Chad and I thought we must have misheard him, so we asked him again, and sure enough his new excuse for getting out of bed is, "I'm checking my e-mail." hmmmmm.....I wonder who he got that one from.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Devan is so silly sometimes. Today we were eating our lunch (leftover lasagna from last night) and he pulled and Elf. He grabbed the syrup that for some reason was still on the table from breakfast and began pouring it on his lasagna! I thought it looked pretty gross, but he ate it, so it must not have been to bad.He then took Chad's cell phone and proceded to call his good buddies Skarloey and James (characters from the Thomas and friends series). I told him to give Dad the phone and eat his food. He was obedient and did so, but only after saying, "Goodbye James, I love you!" It was very cute.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Devan has been making great leaps with his talking lately. He is speaking more clear, making more sentences, and using new words all the time now. The last couple times I've taken Chad into work he's been super cute. Like today for example Chad gave me a kiss goodbye and then Tristan, Devan saw this and said, "I want a kiss too, daddy!" It made Chad feel so good. If you have kids who talk a lot, it probably doesn't sound like much, but until recently Devan hasn't been very big on talking, so this was super special.

He has just been a ton of fun to be around lately. It's nice to have someone to talk to during that day, that I know can understand me. It's so cute how I find he talks like Chad and I. For example, I just realized how much I say, mmmhm and uh-huh in response to people. Devan says it almost after everything now. He's so good about saying thank you to. The other day I gave him a sticker for going potty on the toilet and he goes, "A sticker! Thank you mommy, thank you, Thank you for the sticker mommy, oh thank you." It was so funny, he just went on and on. He's also really good at saying , "Bless you," after you sneeze.

Tonight we went to a new restaurant called Ohana's. It was soooo good. It's just across the highway from us and we had been wanting to go ever since it opened. It was kind of pricey, but it's fun to have a treat like that every once in awhile. It is kind of like a Benihana's. You sit at a grill and the chef puts on a show and cooks in front of you. Devan and Tristan were pretty captivated by it. Chad's mom and stepdad are coming down in March and we're hoping to go again then!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I just love this boy so much. This past month his personality has really come out. It's so much fun watching Devan and him play with eachother and keep eachother entertained. Devan can get pretty rough with him, but Tristan is one tough cookie and holds his own really well.

Tristan had his 9 month check up last week (we were a month late on it, oops!) He is healthy as can be. We have been so blessed to have healthy children. The doctor commented on how she never sees us. She asked if Tristan was crawling yet, and was pretty amazed to hear he has taken his first steps. She suggested a few things I could be working on him with, one was waving good-bye. I started working that day with him and he got it down really quick! It's so sad to see them get their shots, but he took it like a champ and barely wimpered.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Blogs

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know I have 2 new blogs:

1- Opine From The Grapvine- http://opinefromthegrapvine.blogspot.com. It's main purpose is to let me vent about current events.

2- Canny Lanny- http://cannylanny.blogspot.com. This blog was created with the intent to share fun giveaways, and coupons, among other things.

I don't know how often they will be updated, or if any of you are interested in them, but I didn't want to fill up our family blog with these items. Check them out if you would like ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

More photoshop fun

Today the boys actually napped at the same time, so I had some fun with photoshop. Here's what I did.

Before (yes, my grass is really that ugly right now. It's drought season)




So, it's far from perfect, but I love messing around with it. Maybe Chad will enroll me in a class for my birthday. hint hint Chad ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last week and 1 week shy of being 10 months, Tristan started taking his first steps! Chad was upstairs and started hollering at me to come see. Tristan wouldn't do it for me, so I was a little skeptical, but the next day he took three steps for me. Since then he has been doing a little more each day!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Are you ready for some football???

Chad won 2 tickets through his work to the Alamo Bowl. USAA holds drawings quite often for tickets to football, hockey, and basketball games, and concerts. He was really lucky to win these though because they were in really high demand. This game was the 10th highest rated game in ESPN history! Missouri beat Northwestern 30-23 in overtime. The score was really close the whole game and was alot of fun to watch. There's only been one other college Bowl game that has ever gone into overtime so needless to say, we had a pretty exciting game. Oh and to make things even better we had awesome seats.

The Alamo Dome

Woohoo Northwestern!

I guess their prayer worked cuz they won!

Game Time

Chad and I.

This man was very entertaining.


My handsome hubby.

Only like the coolest couple in the world.