Monday, June 28, 2010

Surprise Surprise!

I'm preggers!! I can officially tell everyone now because I finally went to the doctor's and it's official. I'm 12 weeks along now (almost done with the first trimester, woohoo!), and the doctor said everything looks great. The boys have been really cute about it. When I asked them if they wanted a brother or sister, they both said a baby sister (gosh, I've raised them well, haha) So, I'm kind of hoping for a girl this time around, but of course, I'd be happy either way.

Devan asked where the baby was and I told him in my belly. He said, "spit it out mom!" Silly kid. So I had to explain to him that the baby had to grow first. Luckily he didn't ask anymore questions about it. He asks if he can touch the baby (by touching my belly) and if he can give it kisses. I asked both boys what they would like to name the baby, Devan thought about it and said, "hmmmmm... how about Uncle Jake." haha, so if I have a baby girl named Jake, you'll know why.

We are pretty darn excited about it. I found out on Mother's Day, and it was the perfect gift. The day after my birthday was my first doctor's appointment and I got the perfect birthday gift by finding out the baby is healthy. It made everything alot more real being able have the ultra sound and seeing the baby moving around. "She" was so active moving all over the place. I love the technology we have today, it was so neat being able to see details like the babies little toes!

I've been pretty lucky and have felt pretty well. I'll definitely have days I don't feel as well, and am more tired than usual, but other than that I'm doing great. I just can't wait to officially meet this sweet little thing!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visitors, Sea World, and Crafts

We had a fun weekend with some fun visitors. Bree, Avri, and Emery came down on Thursday and left today. Thursday evening we stayed around the house and let the kids play together. Friday we had a fun filled day at Sea World. By the time we were done there, everyone was exhausted, but we had a great time. That evening Bree and I got some fun craft items to make this. We have loved having some family in Texas (even though we're still 4 hours away). It's really a treat every time the come down!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day to Chad. He is an awesome daddy to our boys. They light up whenever he gets home. He is a wonderful teacher to them and a great example. He works so hard to provide for his family (even if it means logging on to work on Father's Day). He is the absolute best!

Happy Father's day to my Dad. Whenever people tell me about my dad there's always a great sense of respect and admiration for him. I feel very proud to be his daughter.

Happy Father's day to my Grandpa Jones who has been an awesome fatherly figure to me my whole life.

Happy Father's day to my Grandpa Doyle who has taught me the value of hard work.

Happy Father's day to my Father-in-law Ed, without him who knows how we would have gotten through our college days. He's always done whatever he can for us.

Happy Father's day to my Father-in-law Bruce, who always has a listening ear and offers fabulous advice.

I'm pretty dang lucky to have all of the wonderful men in my life, and I'm SO glad my boys also have them as examples to look up to. Thanks to all of you for making our lives even more wonderful!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet boy

I took a nap with Devan on Sunday and woke up to him telling me, "I love you so much, do you know I'll always take care of you." That's my sweet Devan.