Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Engagement photoshoot

K, who knows when I'll get my stinkin' photo blog up, so here's some pictures from the shoot I did Saturday. There were way to many cute ones to post them all, but here's a little preview.

It's a...

BOY! I was at my doctor's appointment yesterday and I had an ultrasound to check the baby's measurements. The doctor said, well, we usually can't tell the gender for sure at 14 weeks but lets look. Yeh, she didn't even have to say anything, it was pretty dang obvious the baby is a boy :) I'm way excited. We are going to have one crazy house! When we told the boys Devan said, "But I wanted a baby sister". It's probably my fault, I think I had them pretty convinced they were getting a little sister, hehe. We are going to move they "big boys" into the guest room, and let the baby have their old room. I'm excited to re-decorate the guest room for Devan and Tristan (any ideas) And don't worry people, even though our bedrooms will be all occupied come January, we are still taking visitors! We decided we'll just have to have the boys sleep on the pull out couch, so no worries (I bet they'd love it anyway!)

So that's our latest news, but in other news, we FINALLY had a family picture taken! My friend just got a new camera and I think she did a great job. I'll be taking her families pictures this weekend. I'm all about swaps :) And speaking of taking pictures, I did my first engagement photo shoot last weekend. I thought they turned out pretty good (it helped that they were a gorgeous couple). So hopefully I'll get my photography blog up and running so you can all take a look!

Even with the boys acting like this (above picture) the whole time, Michelle still got some good ones!