Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We had a nice relaxed Thanksgiving this year with just our little family. Last year we ordered our Thanksgiving meal and it was horrible. This year I decided to do it myself and it turned out pretty tasty with Turkey, gravy, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing, vegetable cas
serole, jello salad, rolls, and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. We went over the Thanksgiving story, and made little popsicle puppets to act it out, along with a couple oth
er activities, watched some football, and went on a little walk to work off all that food! It was so nice to have Devan home for a week from school. I miss having him with us during the day. Poor Chad worked so much the week of Thanksgiving. He worked through the weekend before, had an 18 hour Monday, followed by an early Tuesday. I was glad to see by Thursday he could relax and take the day off. Friday I had a photo shoot for a friend.

The other day I asked Devan if he'd like to go on a nature walk. He said, "
Ya, lets go on a nature walk and kill some animals!" Yikes, it looks like he has some Lufkin blood running through those veins. We ended up going on a walk, but did not kill any animals, haha. After the walk we stopped to vacuum at the truck. Some hunters had just g
ot back from a trip and were cleaning up their truck, when Devan heard they were hunting deer, he was quite impressed, and said "I want to go do that!"

Tristan is under the impression that there is nothing faster than uncle Jess's four-wheeler. We were on a walk and saw some big kids on their bikes. He said, "We're much faster than them" When I told him, they were probably faster, he said, "ya, but not faster than uncle Jess's four-wheeler!". A bit later we saw a motorbike and he was absolutely positive it was "not
faster than uncle Jess's four-wheeler!". I love how these boys idolize their uncles. I wish they could hang out with them more.

We leave for our family vacation in less than 2 weeks. I'm so excited to be cruising to Cozumel, Jamaica, and the Grand Cayman. It's just started to get "cold" here, so it's perfect timi
ng. I'm super excited that my mom will be joining us as will as Iwalani and Bruce, and Grandma Nancy. We'll have lots of hands to help with our 3 crazy boys!

A couple weeks back I took my friends family picture and she took ours. Our boys are so awful when it comes to family pictures. They weren't even unhappy that day, but this is still how our picture turned out...

Last year they looked just as grumpy...
Yep, when it comes to family pictures, no smiles for these boys.