Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Devan told me a bedtime story tonight...

If you liked "The Runaway Bunny" you'll LOVE this...

Once upon a time there was a little kitty who ran away, he went fishing in the swimming pool and then he went up the mountain. The End.

Short and sweet.

Here's some other funny things Devan has been saying...

When he spills something or something goes wrong he usually says, "Ohhhh, just great!" or "Gosh dang it" (I guess the 2nd one could be worse)

I heard him playing with his dinosaurs and he was saying "ooooo....gross...disgusting..." When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "The dinosaur put a garbage can in his mouth!"

They can come stay in our house

This last week Chad and I told Devan why we've been praying for the people in Haiti. We told him that their homes had been ruined and they didn't have very much food or water. The solution to him was so simple, he said, "They can come stay in our house, and I'll give them a drink of my water." So now almost every time he prays he says, "Please bless the people in Haiti, whose houses fell down..."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas and New Year

We had such a fun Christmas. I swear every year just gets better with the boys. For New Years Eve we went to a friends house and shared it with a couple different families. There was wonderful food and a fun talent show. When we got home that night the boys opened a gift from Grandma Sherry that included cute Christmas p.j.'s and some new books. They both liked the books, but Tristan REALLY like his, on Christmas morning when he walked down the stairs, he completely ignored the kitchen and tool table we had set up, his stocking, and gifts, and went straight to his book he had left on the coffee table! Devan knew just what to do this year and it was alot of fun watching him open his gifts. Later that morning I made a brunch that ended up being quite good. I made a crustless quiche, muffins, bacon, and orange juice. It was a tradition growing up to have brunch at my grandparents on Christmas, so I'm trying to keep that (although mine isn't near as delicious!!) For dinner we enjoyed a Christmas ham, Chad's favorite vegetable casserole, and this salad (which is great the first day, not so good the 2nd though), fruits and veggies, rolls, and sparkling cider. Chad got me a fisheye coverter lens for my camera which has been a lot of fun and I got Chad a World of Warcraft gaming mouse that he thinks is awesome :)

The day after Christmas we did a little shopping to get the boys helmets for their scooters and to spend some gift cards we got from Chad's parents. It was awesome to have some guilt free shopping! After the shopping we took the boys to ride their scooters. Tristan mostly just had us push him around on his, but Devan went all out and got the hang of it really quick. We were really glad we had picked up helmets because Tristan crashed and fell right on his head! Later that evening we saw Devan had banged up his knee, so it looks like we'll need to pick up knee pads too!

New Year's Eve we decided we didn't want to be on the roads because of all the crazy people out :-P So we just spent it at our house as a family and had rootbeer floats. Sadly, none of us even made it up to greet the New Year. New Years we made some resolutions as a family.