Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Last Monday I turned 25. Chad really went out of his way to make it a special day for me. In fact he let me relax all weekend. Every time I went to clean he said, "No, let me do it. It's your birthday weekend. You can't clean on your birthday weekend." So I had 3 days of relaxation. I really do have a wonderful husband.

Chad took the day off Monday to spend time with me. We went to breakfast at our favorite place "Mimi's cafe". It was delicious as usual. Then we spent the day at the water park and had a blast. They have a kids area with a pirate boat, a tree house, and all other sorts of fun kid things. Devan had so much fun and Tristan is quite the swimmer! I held Tristan's arms and he just kicked his feet along like a natural. Chad worked with Devan and by the end of the day he was doing quite well with his swimming also. Before we left we decided to float tubes around a loop. Devan was so exhausted that he fell fast asleep on the ride. Chad rode through a waterfall, which woke him up for about 2 seconds and then he zonked out again.

Later that day we had a Coldstone ice cream cake (yum!) and sang "Happy Birthday". By the way, if you haven't signed up for the Coldstone birthday club, you need to. You get a free like it size icecream the week of your birthday! Devan has his own version of Happy Birthday. It's pretty much singing Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you a billion times in a row. It's cute though. He's been into singing lately. His newest songs are the Thomas theme song (surprise surprise) and The Wheels on the Bus. Tristan has been getting more involved with his toys and it's fun to watch him play. One of his favorites is a toy monkey on his excersaucer.


Michelle G. said...

Happy Birthday Lana! It's funny because it sounds like your idea of a fun bday is the same as mine :) We went to SixFlags on my bday too. It's so fun to get out of the house during the DAY with your husband! That's cool about Tristan kicking in the water! What a natural. I've been working on that with Emma for weeks now, with no success. I like your blog both ways (bet Chad didn't like the flowas? haha) and both templates look good! We have family in town this week, but next week we HAVE to get together. It's been too long.

Bree said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had such a fun birthday! And Chad is a stud for treating you like a queen ALL weekend and taking work off!! (I'll make sure James reads this post so he can prepare for my bday in a couple months! hahaha) You'll have to post a video of Devan singing one of his songs! How cute! And I'm so anxious to meet Tristan!!! Have a great week!!

Mike & Traci said...

Welcome Welcome Welcome to blogging!! And Happy Happy Birthday to you (yes a little late)! Your little boys are Soo Cute! Texas huh! Man I don't think I'm ever going to get to see you again :( Well atleast this way we can still see what's happening in our lives! You look Great!!!