Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Chad had Labor Day off from work and he also took tuesday off, so we had an extra long weekend. It was really nice because the weekends always fly right by. Saturday I took the kids to the zoo. I had been wanting to take Devan for a long time, but it would either rain or something would come up. It was hard with both kids, but Devan had a blast. The animals I could have passed right by, Devan found fascinating (fish, birds, etc.) For example, when we went to see the hippo, he could care less about it, he liked all the bright little fish!

I forgot to mention, this was tristan's first trip to the zoo. He could kind of care less, and would have prefered the air conditioned house.

Devan thought these animals were all pretty cool.

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Michelle G. said...

Oh man we love the zoo too! Emma also really likes the zebra and giraffe, but the hike up there kills me. I think she could spend the whole day at the riverbank and at the little indoor play area they have. That's great Chad got to take an extra day off - looks like you guys had a really fun weekend! I think I'm going to buy a season pass to the zoo next year instead of Six Flags. There's so much to do there!