Saturday, February 14, 2009


Chad and I are both very impatient about gifts. It's not that we don't like surprising eachother, because we love it, but we both get so excited to give our gifts to eachother that we rarely can hold out until the actual holiday. That being said, we exchanged our Valentine gifts February 13. Chad maybe gave me the all time coolest present ever. I really enjoy making homemade pizza, and Chad loves it. He usually gets me to make it about once a week. I've tried and tried to perfect my dough, but something just hasn't been right. Well, until now....Chad got me a pizza stone and a pizza peel. I'm so excited to see how my pizza will turn out now! Oh and I love making homemade bread too, so it will be great for that. Thanks for the awesome and so very thoughtful present, Chad. You are the abolute best. Happy Valentine's Day


Seth and Natalie said...

I have a pizza stone and I love it! Is a pizza peel like a huge wooden spatula? Because if it is, I have on of those, too. I've never been able to get the pizza from the spatula to the stone, until I figured it out. I make my pizza on a 12" circle of parchment paper, which I use to transfer onto the peel onto the stone. Perfect pizza everytime!

Lauren said...

Oooh...what a creative idea! I have never used a pizza stone but, you have almost convinced me that I need to get one!