Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2 things

1. Thanks for all the nice comments. I really enjoy taking pictures and your nice comments make me feel good.
2. I can't even remember what Devan and I were talking about at the time, but he used the phrase, "super dang cool" I thought it was pretty cute.


Seth and Natalie said...

I have been such a blogging slacker, so I just saw your pics. WOW!!! You should feel good. Now it's time to start charging $200 and taking pic's professionally:)

Lana Cox said...

That would be nice, haha. Thanks Natalie

Laura and Brandon said...

O.k. Lana, he is for sure YOUR son if he uses the phrase "super dang cool"! That is so funny--- I can picture him saying it - and you saying it!