Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family Fun Day

Yesterday we went to USAA Springfest. It's a yearly celebration USAA throws for their employees and families. They had lots of food, bouncing castles, climbing walls, pictures, live music, and even a fireworks show. The coolest thing for the boys though was the huge helicopter and firetrucks. They let the kids sit in them and "drive". This totally made Devan's day.

Aren't the grounds their beautiful? They always keep them looking so nice.
Devan by the hummer fire truck. Id didn't get a picture of him by the big one. And what's with the face he's pulling here? Silly boy.
Devan was in heaven sitting in the helicopter.
Dev and Daddy
Daddy and the boys Love this picture :)


Mark & Heidi said...

Lana, I gotta say it again... You are awsome!!! I love that last pic of your men. Adorable!

tphillips said...

How fun! Your boys are adorable! AND I TOO LOVE LOVE LOVE the last photo! I wish I lived closer so you could take pics of my kiddos....

Bree said...

How fun. You can tell the boys are totally loving it!! That last picture is precious!!!

Leslie said...

Looks like a fun day:) Your boys must have been in heaven!