Saturday, September 18, 2010

football 2010

Devan had his first game today. It was quite entertaining watching a team of 3 & 4 year olds run (or forget to run) the ball around. Even though they didn't all know quite what to do, it looked like they all had a great time. Chad is the assistant coach and it's fun to have him be involved with the team. Here's a few pictures from the 1st game.

Devan's turn to run the ball.
Waiting for the play.
Tristan showing off his new boots
Devan looking good in his jersey.


Michelle said...

What a cute team! Of course, if they were just a few years older I'd have to say what a "Cool" looking team! I laugh just thinking about all those little guys running around pretending like they know what they're doing!

Bree said...

He looks So cute!! And how fun that Chad can help coach! Tristan is adorable in those boots! Love and miss you guys!!!

Seth and Natalie said...

How could I have missed this post? What little stud muffins! I love little guys playing football, they are just so tough. But pretty dang cute too.