Saturday, December 25, 2010

After a fun Christmas Eve with some friends we headed home and got the kids to bed. I figured we would be up super late because we had got the boys bikes and bunk beds that needed to be set up. While Chad brought the bunk bed upstairs piece by piece (it was SUPER heavy!!), I put the bikes together, and then we both headed up to get the bed put together. Well, we got all the pieces sorted out, and then realized they didn't put the instruction manual in! So we tried to find one online for about an hour and it was no existent. We finally decided to print off a picture of the bunk bed and tell the boys Santa forgot the instructions, but he would get it to us by Monday. I was SO disappointed because this was the only thing Devan really wanted. When we had talked about presents before he told me he really wanted a bunk bed. I told him if he got one, Santa probably wouldn't be able to get him very many toys. His reply was, "That's ok, I have enough toys." That coming out of a 4 year old boys mouth affirmed to me that a bunk bed was the way to go this year! So we ended up leaving all the wood pieces out in the bedroom (the boys slept in the guest room) because there was no way we were hauling them around again.

I woke up at about 6 today to anxious to go back to sleep. Devan was the next one up. When he saw me, he said, "Is it Christmas??!!" I told him yes and he got pretty excited. I didn't realize he was headed for his room to change out of his p.j.'s until I heard, "HOLY MOLY, Santa left a MESS in my room! Mom... Santa left me a bunch of wood to make a bunk bed!" HAHA! I could not keep from cracking up. I love that boy. I was so happy to see he was still super excited about the bed.

Awhile later Chad and Tristan woke up and the boys made it downstairs to find their stockings, bikes, and other presents. I just love Christmas with kids. It was so much fun watching them get excited over everything.

After gifts we had breakfast, nothing to fancy, but definitely more than I've done for breakfast in about the last year I'm sure, hehe. The boys enjoyed playing with their new toys while I prepped things for our dinner. When I finally got that all out of the way, Chad and I took the boys out on their new bikes. Devan especially enjoyed his. It was pretty cool out (for San Antonio), so Tristan didn't last to long, but Devan and I made a loop around our neighborhood. I had a hard time keeping up with Dev. My waddle is definitely getting slower! (Speaking of... only 2 1/2 more weeks to go!!)

Dinner was a success. I made prime rib for the first time, twice baked potatoes, cucumber/tomato/mozzarella salad, fresh fruit and dip, rosemary garlic bread, and Sparkling Cider. I think we'll definitely be making prime rib a tradition! We have left overs galore, and I'm so glad I won't be cooking again for a couple days. It was fun and all, but I'm all cooked out. I made an apple pie for dessert as well, but everyone went to bed before it cooled. I could have been nice and waited until tomorrow for everyone to have a piece together, but nope, I am eating it as I write this post :)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Here's a couple pictures from this holiday season...
This is Devan's new camera look, AKA "Blue Steel"

Daddy and Tris
The boys... and some more "blue steel"
handsome Tristan
K Dev, enough with the Blue Steel!
Christmas Eve pajama's
Anyone want some gingerbread??
Gingerbread men


Sherry said...

Lana, all I can say is you are absolutely amazing! I am so proud of you and the wonderful traditions you are creating with your family.
Love you! Mom

Sherry said...

Lana, all I can say is you are absolutely amazing! I am so proud of you and the wonderful traditions you are creating with your family.
Love you! Mom

Bree said...

Loved all the pics!! Devan cracks me up---Holy Moly---and the Blue Steel face!!! And a prime rib dinner??? Lana, you are SOOO ambitious and amazing....and at 38 wks!!! Miss you guys!! :)
p.s. I know James told you, but thanks for the coasters--they are adorable!! And the girls loooove their sticker earrings! :)

Michelle said...

Haha I love the blue steel! Yeah I'll agree, that dinner sounds amazing and there's no way I'd have the ambition (or skills) to put that together! Your family is very blessed to have you!

lauren said...

I agree with Sherry. You are amazing! I think when we move I'm gonna be such a boob about it and mope instead of make stuff. I admire you! And your boys are absolutely adorable! I love the look on Tristan's face when he's trying to ride the bike. He's so determined! And Devan is hilarious!

P.S. we've been anxiously waiting to hear some stories from Chad about India!

Seth and Natalie said...

I cannot get over those pictures! If he had shorter hair he'd totally be Zoolander. Ooh, 38 weeks? So close! Good luck getting everything ready for the new guy!