Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Santa

Devan had a bike rodeo Wednesday. He had such a great time, and did really good. When I came to pick him up later that day he said his head hurt and he didn't want to ride his bike home (not like him at all!) I ended up walking him home in the stroller and leaving his bike at school. Turns out he caught the flu bug that's been going around our home :( The next day when I went to pick up his bike, it wasn't there. I figured someone stole it and gently broke the news to Devan. His reply, "Santa's not going to be happy someone kidnapped my bike, he's going to give them something really stinky for Christmas. Can we write Santa a note for a new bike?" He wrote the cutest little letter. That evening when I checked my email I got a message from his teacher saying his bike was in the gym safe and sound :)


lauren said...

That. is. awesome.

He is such an intelligent, creative little guy!

And HOLY BIKES BATMAN!!! bahahaha

Shannon Dooley said...

Haha, what a little cutie! I'm glad his back is safe and sound & Santa doesn't have to put the smack down on anyone!

Seth and Natalie said...

Kidnapped! That's pretty funny. And that's good that it wasn't stolen. There sure were a lot of bikes there.