Monday, November 19, 2012

We've had the flu going through our house. Tristan is really looking forward to feeling better. Here's a list of things he plans on doing once he does. 

Tristan's to do list when he feels better

Eat a whole pack of Marshmallows
Go on a bike ride
Have 7 donuts for family home evening
Buy a treat at the store
go to the park
I want to do chores
I want some medicine cause I want all the kinds of food, even lunchables

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lauren said...

Boy that must be an AWFUL bug if he is asking to do chores! Or else his chores are a lot better than the ones I have to do! :) Hope you all get better soon! Hope you haven't had it too bad...that would be miserable being pregnant with the flu. Also- LOVED all the new posts! It was cold here on Halloween too... like 60. We had hot chocolate and donuts after trick or treating to celebrate! hahaha Hope you're all doing well! Miss you guys!