Sunday, July 20, 2008

Farm House

Saturday we packed up and headed out to our brother in laws families farm house. It was great because we got to see our sweet little nephew,Kent, who had just gotten out of surgery. We were so glad to see he is recovering amazing well!

When we first got there, we went down to the pond to show Devan the fish and row boat. Devan is use to going to the water park and beach where he can run right into the water. The first chance he got, he made a run for the muddy pond water. I had to jump in after him! We were both pretty wet, but luckily it wasn't any worse than that!

Devan loved riding in the boat with Chad. His uncle Matt took him for a ride in the "mule". He loved seeing the cows, and thought it was hilarious when they mooed. After playing so hard, he had a nice time relaxing in the hammock.

Tristan enjoyed being outside and hanging out with Dad and Grandma Iwalani.


Michelle G. said...

Man it's so nice to take weekend trips and get out of the house. Looking at all these pictures and posts makes me miss you Lana! We have been so busy with the start of the house, family visits, friends moving here from Rexburg, etc. that it's been really hard to find the time to come out and see you. But I promise I'm gonna get it together!

Bree said...

You added pics!! I can't believe you had to jump in the water after Devan!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!