Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Only Tristan!

It seems like I'm always talking about Devan in my posts, so this one is totally devoted to Tristan.

Tristan had his 4 month doctors appointment the other day. He weighed a whopping 16 lbs 8 oz. It's always sad to see him get his shots, but I was happy to hear he is nice and healthy. The doctor was impressed by his strength and surprised that he is turning both from his stomach to back and back to stomach. She gave me the ok to start on solid foods so we started him with rice cereal a couple days ago. It's so much fun watching him do new things. He has the cutest smile and the sweetest little laugh. Today I was singing patty cake with him, and he was just cracking up laughing.

He is really getting mobile now. He'll see something he wants, and really gives all he has to get to it. He still loves his exersaucer and can spend quite sometime entertaining himself in it. By the way he gnaws on his toys, it looks like he may be getting some teeth in soon! Whatever he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth.

I am so lucky he sleeps well at night. Chad and I were never very consistent with Devan's sleep schedule, and gave in quite often when he wanted to sleep with us. You better believe we're paying for it now! We learned our lesson and have been consistent with Tristan. It's really payed off. He's been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks now!''

I love seeing Devan and Tristan play together. Devan really loves his little brother and is very sweet to him. As sweet as Devan can be to Tristan, I still need to keep a pretty good eye out. I've caught Devan a couple of times trying to feed Tristan a sucker, and another time a cracker. When Devan is hurting for some extra attention, often times he will look at me and then slowly lower himself over Tristan, as to sit on him. It's really a pretty good tactic because it gets my attention every time. The other attention getter is running up to Tristan as close as he can and then stepping of his head. that grabs my attention pretty quickly also. Tristan takes it all pretty well. He's going to be one tough cookie!

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