Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brace yourself...

This is going to quite possibly be the longest post ever. Devan, Tristan, and I spent the past 2 1/2 weeks in Idaho. We had such a great time. I'll try to keep the writing to a minimum and let the pictures tell the story.

I was pretty nervous about traveling with 2 kids by myself, but they did pretty good. Devan thought it was neat to be able to ride on a big airplane.

The boys had so much fun at grandma's, with new toys to play with, beds to jump on, and fun aunt's, uncles, and cousins.

Bubble bath at Grandmas.

Grandma Sherry is so good to spend quality time with the boys. As busy as she is she always found time to do puzzles, read, and play with the boys.

Grandma Sherry has quite the yard, fully equipped with a sandbox, swingset, and trampoline. Devan and Tristan loved this.

Tristan says, "Aunt Bree, I don't want the ball, I want your creamie!"
Devan had a ton of fun with his cousins

Avri loves my moms dog lady. Soon after this picture was taken, she was found sharing her creamie with her. I got a kick out of her spunky personality.

Avri and OliviaOlivia is so sweet to all the other kids.Grace has such a fun personality and is a blast to play with.Devan and Isabel Sofia is such a sweet baby. I was so happy to finally meet her!

Isabel is such a smart girl. I was amazed by how well she can talk. She speaks both English and Norwegian!

Taylor is so good with all the kids. I wish I could find someone like her down in Texas to babysit for me!

Devan liked walking around the farm and looking at all the tractors.

He made good friends with Lady.

All the cousins had a good time at blast off.

I didn't think we'd need our swimsuits in Idaho in October, but we found a way to fit everything in.

hmmmmm...the three amigos washing dishes, I had to take a picture of this! My brothers are so awesome. They are all such hard workers and a blast to be with. Jess just put his mission papers in. We're all proud of him, but will sure miss him.
We had fun time picking out pumpkins.

The pumpkin patch also had home grown watermelon, I found the cutest one in the patch!

I was so happy to meet up with my good friend Victoria. Isn't she cute?!!! She's expecting her 2nd girl in a month.

They've got that Idaho blood in them, I promise I did not put the straw in their mouth.

After the pumpkin patch we went to the park.

I wonder how many other kids have kissed this bear, uuugh.

My mom's annual Halloween party was a blast. Everyone looked great.

We were pirates. Devan lasted in his costume about 5 minutes and then refused to wear it.

Lauren and Jake made great hippies. They announced that night that Lauren is preggers. I would have never guessed, she looks great!

Grandma Carma and Tristan.

Leslie and John with their beautiful princess and cuddly bunny.

Can you believe Obama and Hillary Clinton made it to the party! The question is, what were they doing there together? This picture could start a scandal.
Avri made such a cute kitty!

Landon and Lindsays family was perfect for Peter Pan characters. I was happy to finally meet Landon and Konner. What a great family!

Grandma and Grandpa Jones picked the perfect outfits. Gangsta!

My mom looked great. Can you believe she made that skirt herself?

I couldn't stop laughing at this one!

How did a wolf man and evil witch have such sweet children?

My last day in Idaho we made a trip to the zoo. It was so much fun the monkey in the picture below jumped down and nearly scared Devan to death. He got over it pretty quick though and enjoyed the funny monkeys.

Te kids loved feeding the goats.

This was the perfect time of year to go to the zoo. I had never seen the animals out and about like they were that day.
We had such a wonderful time in Idaho. Thank you for all the visits and fun times! With as much fun as we had, by the end of the 2 1/2 weeks we were anxious to see Chad again! And get back to our crazy life in Texas.

p.s. more pictures to come from grandpa's 75th birthday and the party at the ranch.


Erin said...

Wow, looks like you had a blast in Idaho! Very fun! I'm glad you and your kids had so much fun. Your family Halloween party looked awesome. Great costumes. You guys made cute pirates! That's great you enjoyed such a fun trip and looks like it would beat out any work party, being with all that family especially! But yes, it is always nice to be home. Fun pics!

Mike & Traci said...

I love all your pics!! What a fun time! I wish my family was still in Idaho so I cuold make it back there more! I just love your family!!! Well your mom she is the sweetest lady ever & she still looks the exact same :) I'm glad you got to see Vic! I should have told you before you went to give her a ROYAL kicking in the butt for moving back to Idaho & not TELLING any of us down here!! I mean who does that??? Anyways it looks like everything was great!! Now next time you'll have to come to Salt Lake :)

Rachelle Jesse Jaramillo said...

Looks like a fun trip back to visit, you guys were busy!!! I can't believe that you Mom made that skirt, she is very talented. I do not have any sewing abilities. Next time you come in town we will have to plan a girls weekend and then we all could come back to Rigby.

David and Melissa Belnap said...

I am so glad that you had a good visit with family!! Sometimes I wish we could move so I would get to come home for visits :0) (hee hee)

~The Youngs~ said...

AWWW it looks like you guys had a blast here in Idaho! I so wish I could have seen you and your kids! There costumes were just adorable!

Paul and Addie said...

Oh I am so jealous. I wish I could go to Idaho right now. Oh well. I looks like you had a ton of fun though!

Bree said...

Love all the pics Lana!! And the ones with the boys back at home with Chad are so cute!! Love the picture of the boys doing the dishes--if only that happened everynight!!! :) We loved having you here and can't wait til the next time we're all together!!!

Lauren said...

How fun!! I love seeing all the pictures and the one of Laura cracks me up!!! Anyway, it was good to see you guys and I'm excited to see more pictures!!

Lorin and Cassie said...

It was so good to hear from you. You have such cute kids. It looks like you had a great time in Idaho. I bet it was nice to be with your family.

Eric, Victoria, & Nykelle said...

It was great seeing you guys! Your little boys are adorable and it was great getting to meet Tristan finallly. Glad you had such a fun filled time and we can't wait to see you next time you're down-hopefully it will be more permanantly :)

the stone fam:) said...

hey that is a very long post it looks like you all had so much fun! sometimes i wish that we lived further away but it is also a blessing to be close to famly!! next time you come up we should all get together and go to lunch at leos or something!!