Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crazy 8's Tag

I was tagged by Jorelle...

8 TV shows I like to watch

1.The Office
2. House
3. Fox News
4. Everybody loves Ramond
5. King of Queens
6. America's got talent
7. American Gladiator
8. Anything on HGTV

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Chester's
2. Mimi's Cafe
3. Taco Tote
4. Little Italy
5. Thai Corner
6. Wings to go
7. Rock San
8. Sushi Zushi

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. Cleaned
2. Called Mom to say Happy Birthday
3. Wrote Devan to say Happy Birthday
4. Played outside with Devan
5. Read my book
6. Got locked outside by Devan
7. Took the doorknob off the bathroom door to rescue Devan who had locked himself in
8. checked my e-mail

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1.The Weekend
2. Trip to Washington
3. Christmas
4. Lindsay and Landon's baby
5. Lauren and Jake's baby
6. Eating the banana cake I made tonight
7. Using my new gym membership
8. Loosing my baby fat

8 Things on my wishlist

1. A 2nd car
2. A storage shed
3. some fruit trees
4. nice Idaho grass in my yard
5. no more ants in the yard!
6. a fun caribbean vacation
7. family to move to Texas
8. a swingset for my boys

8 People I'm tagging

1. Bree
2. Lauren
3. Natalie
4. Both Michelle's
5. Mandy
6. Sam
7. Ashley
8. Anyone else who would like to :)


Lauren said...

BWA HAHAHAHA...your things that you did today section cracked me up! Devan is getting too grown up...locking you out of the house and himself in the bathroom...I'm sure he's keeping you busy! Oh and WHAT baby fat??????? You crack me up...

Lana Cox said...

Oh so, not only did Devan lock me out, he pushed me out the back door, locked it, and then started laughing at me as I pounded on the door and threatened him :(

Bree said...

OH boy, Devan is such a stinker!! But a dang cute one!! You're an amazing and patient woman Lana!! Thanks for the tag! I actually did it and it was fun!! Except it took me forever to come up with everything...I'm so boring!! :)

~The Youngs~ said...

HAHAHA! I'm sorry but u just made my day when you said that Devan locked himself on the bathroom and then locked you out of the house. I'm sure that was no fun for you, but it was very funny to read. I'm sure my turn for things like that are just around the corner!! :O