Monday, November 17, 2008

Love my boys

I've got to say it, I just love my boys. They are the absolute best.

I love the way Tristan is always happy. If you don't have a smile to give, he'll work one out of you. I love when you talk to him he'll get this sheepish smile and burry his head into you. I know this will change soon, but I love how he "needs" me, or at least thinks he does. When I leave the room he'll search around for me and want me there with him. The other day at the gym, after about 15 minutes of working out, I was calle to the kids club. Tristan needed me. I don't like it when he's sad, but I do love how he holds onto me and cozzies into me when he needs some extra love and attention. And I do love that when no one can calm him down, I can. I love his chunky little legs and belly that are so irresistable to tickle and his toothy little grin he gives me with the gap between his new front teeth. I really don't believe there could be a happier baby than this little snuggle bug.

I love how Devan finds so much excitement in everything he sees. The other day when we went to the store, every aisle we walked down he'd say, Look it! Look it! Oh wow, Look it! That's the way to live life, finding happiness in such small things. He just thought EVERYTHING, was just so neat! I love that he doesn't need big expensive toys to be happy. He'd feel like the king of the world if I just gave him a quarter to put into those little vending machines in the front of the store. I love that he sees the same squirrel in our backyard every day, but still thinks it's as cool as the day before. I could just watch him all day and get a kick out of it. He asks for "chicken nuggets" for breakfast in the morning, "pancakes" for dinner and "icecream cones" any time inbetween. I love that he just asks for what he wants, not what is expected. I love that he knows just when I need a hug or kiss. Like when I've had a hard day, or when I'm really upset about something. He'll just randomnly give me the sweetest kiss. The other day he was having a hard time laying down for a nap, so I layed by him and pretended to be asleep. He looked over and saw me "sleeping" and gave me 5 little kisses and then fell asleep himself. He usually only says "love you" when someone says it to him first, but last night he randomnly went up to Chad, and whispered in the cutest soft little voice, "Love you daddy." It was so sweet I about cried.

Sure being a mom has it's tough times with long nights, big messes, and headaches. Sometimes things that you love break. Sometimes you don't get a moment to yourself, not even to eat or sleep. And sometimes you feel like you'd be more fit in a crazy house. But all those times are definately made up for with all of the precious smiles, laughs, and hugs and kisses. I love the connection I have with both my boys. It's pretty amazing to be able to know these two as well as I do. I use to wonder how my mom knew I needed the things I did and how she knew just what she needed to do for me. Well, now I know, it's because she's my mom.

I may not be the perfect mom, I do a lot of things wrong. I nag to way to much. I yell to much. We don't have a schedule. I'm not very consistant with things. I give Devan to many sweets. I let him watch "Cars" way to much. I let him have his bottle for way to long. And he's still not potty trained. I let Tristan into bed with us, when I'm to tired to put him back in his crib. The list goes on and on, but as imperfect as I am, I think me and my boys are pretty perfect for eachother!


Erin said...

What a sweet post Lana. That is so good to write these things down about your kids so you will always remember the things you loved about them at this age. You think you will never forget but it happens. So, good job recording such precious thoughts about your boys!

Michelle said...

Boy did I need this reminder when I read it! So thanks. And did you get a membership to Gold's Gym? I'm embarrassed by how long it's been since I've gone! It'd be fun and helpful to have a friend to go with.

Lauren said...

Awwwwwww....this makes me want a boy! Especially if they're as cheerful and fun as yours!!

Bree said...

Lana-I love this! It's so great to know you're not alone when you hear/read about other mothers who also struggle and don't feel perfect, but still LOVE being a mom and know it's worth it. Thanks for sharing, I think you are an amazing, fun, patient, & caring mom!