Friday, April 24, 2009

Enjoying the warm weather

I've been loving this warm weather! The other day we set the sprinkler out in the yard for the first time this year.

Devan LOVED it.

Tristan...not so much.

He'd rather play with his tractor.

After awhile playing in the sun, Devan said, "I need to relax." He then set up his lawn chair and laid down. It was so cute.


Jessica said...

Too much fun! We're quite jealous of your warm weather, but come July we won't be!

Lauren said...

haha...that picture of Tristan is so funny! Sure wish it was nice enough for me to go run around in the sprinkler. And that Jake would let me attempt to get into a swimsuit! :)

Seth and Natalie said...

Running in the sprinkles, so jealous! I love the picture of Tristan. You can totally tell he's thinking "this is NOT for me". And sometimes even little guys just need to relax! How funny:)