Saturday, April 4, 2009

You're kidding

Devan still sleeps in our bed...I know, he's 3 years old and he shouldn't, but even if we fight with him half of the night to sleep in his own bed, in the morning we find him right snug between us.

Tonight after I put him to bed (in our bed) I sat outside the door to make sure he stayed put. He came out a few minutes later and sat down next to me.

Me- Devan go back into bed or you'll have to sleep in your bed by yourself.

Devan- (*hugs me and continues to hold me, looks up and smiles) You're kidding Mom, you're kidding

Me- (*trying not to laugh) No, Devan, I'm very serious, you will have to sleep by yourself if you don't get back in bed right now!

Devan-(*hugs me again, and lets a little giggle) You're kidding, you're kidding

SIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH, Why doesn't anyone take me serious? Oh and as I type this he is plugging my nose and asking to watch Thomas, Fox News, and the Disney Channel. Oh wait, now he's grabbing my empty plate and congratulating me on finishing my sandwich..."Yay mom, you ate your sandwich all gone." (as he claps)


Michelle said...

Haha, what a crack up! I know I'd be a mad woman if Abby slept in our bed. First of all she'd never sleep but also she just moves too much. Actually Abby tries to get up and play with Evelyn now, but once we hear it we just peek our head in and she RUNS back into bed. It's a funny sight to see.

Lauren said...

hahahaha...that is so funny!! What a clever little man!

Jessica said...

It's amazing how kids can control their parents! They're just too darn cute! We kicked Davy out of our bed about the time I got pregnant with Bransen. And Bransen is now the king of our bed!

Camille said...

Amen to that. I've got one of those boys too... you just can't help but LAUGH at them, and that is the problem. Aren't boys the best? Yours are definitely adorable.