Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Chad made today super special for me. It was so nice to have such a relaxing day. He made a special effort to take care of pretty much all my every day duties. Here's how the day went...
--slept in
--got ready (without the boys, that was nice)
--went to church
--had the yummiest Japanese lunch with steak, lobster, scallops, shrimp....!!!
--took a looooong nap
--played outside with the boys
--went on a walk
And that was pretty much the day.

Thanks Chad, Devan, and Tristan for making it such a special day. Love you guys!


Seth and Natalie said...

Your mother's day kicked mine's tail! I woke up super early and got us all ready in time (dad was already off to church)and made all of our meals. On wait, my cute little sissy-in-laws made me and their mom dinner and it was good, but not as good as yours. Being a mom rocks!

The McClellan Family said...

What a great mother's day! I think it's my new favorite day of the year!

David and Melissa Belnap said...

You did get a great Mothers day you lucky girl you!!! I am sure that you deserve it!! There should be a mothers day once a month!! :)

Bree said...

Chad always does such a good job on holidays and birthdays!!! Glad it was such a nice day!!

Elaina said...

Glad he made your day so wonderful! Take my hat off for all the husbands who make our days memorable. I slept in and the had to wake up to feed Annalisa. Robert can't feed her since she needs breast milk lol. Then Robert made breakfast and took care of the kids so I could take a bath and get ready. He made dinner and my gift is a pretty picture frame with words on it and our family pics.

33 said...