Saturday, May 9, 2009

run, run, run...

So running has been my hobby lately. I've really been enjoying it! I love that fact that it's something you can see improvement in so quickly.

Chad and I, along with the boys, try and make it out to the track once a week for speed workouts. Devan LOVES it. We bought him running shoes and every time we go he knows he needs to wear his "running shoes to do sprints". He's a fast little guy. I hope he continues to enjoy it because I think he'll be really good at it, especially with Chad's help. I hope Chad's not embarrassed by me saying this, but he was REALLY good at track in highschool and college. It's been awesome having someone with so much experience help me out.

I'm also starting to run once a week with my friend Kim. Today was our first time going together and it was awesome. She's a really good runner and it's great having someone to run with as motivation. We ran 8 miles, with some pretty decent size hills!

The other days I go with the kids in the jogging stroller. They love it because my route ends at the park. We usually plan it about lunchtime and pack a picnic for the park. It's been so hot lately though, maybe we'll have to switch that up!