Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Devan turns 5

Devan's birthday was a lot of fun. We all woke up early so he could open presents before dad went to work. He got a batman cave (that he's wanted since before Christmas), and a batman lego game for the wii (that he LOVES, and is quite good at). For breakfast he had German pancakes, with strawberries and whip cream. He went to preschool in the morning and brought cake pops to share with his friends. Before picking him up I loaded up the boys bikes and we went for a bike ride at the park and played on the toys. I let Devan pick the next activity and he chose to go to the zoo to see the snakes. Both boys were exhausted by the time we finished at the zoo and pretty much passed out with in minutes of leaving the zoo. We had Devan's favorite for dinner, Big Shrimp, and he also requested to have mango. Later in the evening we sang to him and had a spiderman cake. It was a wonderful day and I can't believe my little guy is not so little anymore. 5 seems so grown up!

A little bit about Devan...
Here is Devan's 5 year old survey

What is your favorite color? Black and red and brown
What is your favorite food? Shrimp and Fish
Favorite animal? Dinosaurs
What is your favorite TV show? Batman
What kind of music do you like? some fun and silly music
What are you really good at? playing games like batman and star wars
What are you not so good at? at reading stuff cuz I'm tired at night time
Who are your best friends? Abby and Stewart and Alexander
What is your favorite thing to do at school? I like learning and playing games
What is the best thing about having a brother? going to the zoo and seeing the snakes
How are you different from brother? probably I'm kind of inceptive
What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to cook some food in me from my kitchen for me to eat and for you to eat cause food can strengthen our bodies
If you had a lot of money, what do you think you would buy? nothing, I can just buy toys with Tristan when he's being good
What is the best thing about your mom? playing games with you
What is the best thing about your dad? I like playing games with him
Tell me something that is really funny... Making silly faces is funny, well, I don't like being funny
What is your favorite thing to wear? My skateboard shirt
What does love mean? That means I like eachother and being nice, but not being mean
What does it mean to be a good friend? being nice to eachother and playing with eachother
If you could fly somewhere where would you go? To India with Dad

I built a little patio in our back yard over the past couple of days. It was a fun project and it will be fun to expand it when I get another "project craving"


Bree said...

So glad he had such a fun birthday! I love his cute answers! And hello, I can't believe you built a patio and you have a newborn plus two active're my hero!!! :)

Seth and Natalie said...

Hello little Miss Talented! the cake and pops are very very cute. I really like your pictures of your boys too. Devan has some pretty standard random 5 year old answers, he's pretty dang cute. I think you are an awesome mom.

David and Melissa Belnap said...

It kills me how much your boys look like your husband!! I had to take a double take on the picutre with the cake!! Haha!