Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best

I had the absolute best Christmas ever. It was so much fun this year because Devan somewhat understood what was going on, and we now have two kids to spoil! Last night we read the Nativity story and built a Nativity scene. And then we told Devan about Santa Claus and all of that fun stuff.

Devan and Tristan woke up at 5 this morning! So we got an early start on things. When they woke up we watched The Polar Express ( Devan's latest favorite ) for awhile. Dev is so cute when he watches this, he sings along with the songs. My favorite is when he sings When Christmas Comes to Town. It about makes me cry every time, he sings it so sweet. After that we went downstairs and Devan's eyes were so big when he saw all the gifts. We hadn't put any under the tree because I didn't want them opened early. He was just amazed and went from gift to gift, not opening them, but just looking in astonishment.

We took our time opening gifts and playing as we opened them. Both Devan and Tristan loved every minute of it. Thank you everyone who sent them such fun gifts! We recieved a very special gift this year from my Grandpa and Grandma Jones. When I was little my family had a special rocking horse that my Grandpa Jones had made. Well, this year for Christmas he spent hours and hours recreating this rocking horse so each of his grandkids could have one in their house. It was such a neat gift to recieve and it will be so special to pass on to my grand kids!

After opening presents we had brunch around 11:00. I decided I would like to follow my families tradition by having brunch on Christmas day. Unfortunetly it wasn't near as good as the brunch my Grandma and Grandpa prepare, but it was still good :) After that we played with our new toys and then Devan and I settled down for a long winter's nap! We napped for like 2 hours!! We then had a Christmas dinner and pie and that's about it.

It was such a fun day. I've always loved Christmas, but it is a million times better now that we have our boys to share it with!


tphillips said...

Lana you have the cutest little family! I love it! I am so glad that you had such a great Christmas! And a little side note: i love your pj's :)

Erin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your little family! I'm glad it was such a great day!

Seth and Natalie said...

Holy cow, your kids got the best presents ever! I do love all the red jammies, your family looks so cute. Happy new year!