Sunday, December 21, 2008

Share Something Sweet

Tis the season to be helping others so stop by Share Something Sweet, send a free message to a loved one and help wipe out hunger all at the same time! It doesn’t cost you a thing and will go a long way to helping those in need


Mike & Traci said...

So...My dearest lana!! I wrote you this LONG comment about all your fun posts you have had in the past while (since I am way behind) but then some error came up & I lost it all. Let's just say I love'd all your post & they all made me laugh :) Sorry my comment before was ALOT more fun but this will have to do...for now in case it doesn't work again :)

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Lana Cox said...

Haha, I hate it when that happens. And it's always after you leave a really long one!

Jessica said...

Done! Thanks for that fun and sweet tip, you're great. Merry Christmas!