Saturday, December 20, 2008

The cat is out of the bag...

I admitted it to Chad today so I guess I'll admit it to the rest of you. I was driving in the car the other day and I found myself jamming out to the Christian Rock station. Now that I have that off my chest, here's the latest with us.

We had an awesome weekend!!! Jake and Lauren decided it was about time to come and visit San Antonio. So they packed up and flew in on Friday night. Saturday we went...


(OK, not fair, Lauren is over her half way mark of being pregnant and look how good she looks!)

To the Riverwalk

and to the Alamo.

A couple of interesting things happened on this expedition

#1~ A pigeon pooped on Devan

#2~ I accidently ordered a song from a Mariachi band. So here's the story with this. A man came up to us while we were chowing down on our Mexican food and said, "Would you like a song?" Well, me, being new to this kind of thing said, "Why sure." He proceded to ask me what kind...Romantic, fun, etc... I was feeling rather chirpy so I said let's do a fun one. Somewhere in there I missed him saying it will be $10. As my comrades later told me he asked me if that was ok and I told him yes. After I told him yes, Chad looked at me and said, do you have cash, I was like uuuuuh. no. Oops! So Yeh, I was bright red and embarrassed through the whole song and Jake being the great brother he is made sure to snap a picture so we could remember this story forever.

That evening was Chad's work party and Jake and Lauren were kind enough to babysit for us while we attended it. It was a ton of fun. Lonestar and STYX were both there providing the entertainment for the night. We were able to get right up front to listen to them and only had a few people in front of us. Last year Chicago provided the entertainment, I was pregnant with Tristan, but I managed to squeeze my belly up front!

The Alamo Dome where the party was held. I could only get about 1/3 of it in the picture.


Chad and I

Sunday, Chad and I were pretty tuckered out, so we let Jake and Lauren do their thing. Later that day when they came back, Jake had bought a bullwhip. He was practicing outside with it, and Devan decided he wanted to give it a try. He did pretty dang good and actually cracked it a few times!

Monday we visited Chad's work and then headed out to a town called New Braunfels. That was kind of a dud, so we went a little further to Gruene. Gruene was better, but it was so cold out, we couldn't stand to be out. We ended up going back home.

On the way home this place caught our eye...

OK, we didn't go in, it was kind of scary! But we did notice some chickens with some unusually large talons frolicking around outside. Jake was certain they were fighting roosters. hmmmm.... the more I look at this, the more I envision a sequel to Napolean Dynomite, only Texas style.

Monday night we had fun playing games and drinking hot chocolate. It was great having some family down. We'd love to have more company, so here's your invite right now! Just find your way down here and we'll take care of the rest ;-)


Erin said...

Glad you had a good visit with your family. Looks like you found plenty of fun things to do!

Lauren said...

hahahaha...Lana, I just can't get over the Mariachi band...that cracks me up! Jake scolded me last night when I showed him the blog and he said I shouldn't have put that story in about it though because he didn't want to embarrass you. Then we saw your blog so he was a little less harsh. I guess I can use it as payback for when you said the pigeon pooped in my hair!! hahaha...that was good