Thursday, September 24, 2009

A couple things.

I've been busy teaching preschool this month, but today was my last day for the next 3 months! It was actually pretty fun and I really enjoyed it for the most part. Devan is in a group with 3 girls. Today one of them proposed marriage to him, hehe. After she asked him he said, "Noooo...don't ask me that!" haha! I was cracking up. Although I enjoyed it, I have no problem handing the papers over to the next mom in line :) It's going to be nice having a couple hours through the week to have some one on one time with Tristan...or to myself if Tristan takes a nap!!

Devan is a pretty smart boy and is learning the art of charm. Whenever he wants something that he knows I usually wouldn't give into, he comes up to me, gives me a big hug, and says, "Mommy, I love you soooooo much!" Who does he get this from??? Where did he learn this??? And how can I say no to it??? I didn't realize what he was doing the first few times, I thought he was just being sweet, but I'm starting to see a pattern with it now...

Tristan has been talking up a storm lately and it's always fun to hear new words from him. It's interesting to see the differences in him and Devan. For instance, Devan I noticed one night at dinner, Tristan wouldn't touch his broccoli, but ate all of his meat, Devan on the other hand barely ate his meat, but gobbled down his broccoli. They both love animals, but Tristan loves dogs and Devan loves cats. Those are just a few, but I love seeing how individual they both are.

Besides preschool, I finished up a couple projects in the last couple days. I made a couple magnetic boards for family pictures, a coat rack that I've had since my trip to Idaho in July, and I also put up rain gutter shelves in the boys rooms. If you've never seen the rain gutter shelves, you should google it. They are so handy! And also really easy to put up. Anyway, that's about it from us lately, oh wait, one more thing...I'm sooooooooooooo thankfully we've got some rain lately and that it's cooled off...Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!


Nicole Stucki said...

lana are you doing that joy school thing? I've heard lots about it. Do you like it? I'm thinking of doing that with Taylor in the winter.

Sherry said...

What a sweet are blessed to have such sweet boys. I sure miss them. You will have to post pictures of your projects. I love seeing your motivate me!

Blake 'n Ashley said...

I'd love to see a pic of your shelves! What pre-K curriculum did you end up using? I need to do pre-K with Paisley next year and I'm not sure what program to go with. Nice to get a little break though!