Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm "that" person

I'm "that" person in the grocery line who probably drives you crazy. Sorry, I can't help it though. I just got back from a Target trip. Groceries that would have cost $99.30 ended up costing me after coupons $37.46. Not bad eh, but that's not all. I also recieved a $5 target card and have a $10 rebate to mail in. So after all is said and done I spent $22.46 on what would have been $99.30 of groceries. Here's what I got...

-2 boxes of kellogg nutrigrain bars

-2 boxes of kellogg apple jacks

-2 boxes of kellogg special k

-2 boxes of kellog cinnabon bars

-2 boxes of kellog fuit snacks

-1 hillshire farms lunchmeat

-1 bag organic carrotts

-1 gummy crocodile

- gummy trantula (the treats the boys picked out )

-2 archer farms mini artisan breads

-5 general mills single serving cereal (for Chad at work)

-2 1/2 lbs of bananas

-2 bertolli's frozen meals

-2 market pantry precut cheese

-2 market pantry shredded cheese

-4 boxes fiber one cereal

-1 box fiber one bars

-1 rimmel mascara

So I might be "that" lady, but daaaaaaaaang!


~Our Family~ said...

That is AWESOME!!! Are in one of those coupon clubs?

Jessica said...

Rock on my Coupon Sister!!!

Sherry said...

You are amazing, Lana! I am glad you are so 'money smart' so you can be a 'stay at home' mom and take care of your family. And wow! you sure take good care of them! Love, Mom

Michelle said...

Yeah, that's pretty awesome! Did you have a coupon for everything (minus the gummy snacks!)? I was going to do a post about my coupon adventures but you beat me to it! Although, today I got 9 boxes of cereal for $.61 and am dang proud of it!

Mike & Traci said...

Man I wished we lived closer to eachother - you do ALL the things I tell Mike I am going to do. Seriously this whole coupon thing, I am totally wanting to be "that" person but it is still stressing me out & overwhelming me. I know I have some good websites I am looking at but it is still like a foreign language to me & I don't know why it is soo difficult!!! Anyways will you please email me - & tell me some of your tricks & what you are using/doing to being to do all this?? Your Awesome!!!