Saturday, November 6, 2010


We've got a bug going through our house.

Saturday the boys both got bad colds, and Sunday we missed church because of their snotty noses. They got over the colds pretty quick, but Wednesday evening Devan got a stomach bug and was throwing up like crazy. The poor kid couldn't even hold down water. I thought it was food poisoning because we had ate lunch out that day and there was no fever with it. Thursday he was back to his normal self. He was perfectly fine all day so by this time I was about positive it was food poisoning. Thursday/Friday I woke up through the night and could feel a sore throat coming on. I felt better after a hot bath Friday morning. Friday afternoon I could tell I was getting a BAD cold. Friday night I put Tristan down to bed and he said his tummy hurt. About an hour later when I was checking on him he started throwing up (guess it wasn't food poisoning with Devan after all). I'm really really really hoping I don't get this stomach bug. The cold/sore throat I can handle, it stinks, but I can deal with it. I don't know how I'll be able to take care of the boys and myself if I get the flu though :-( Crossing my fingers and saying my prayers!

As much as I hate seeing my boys sick. They are so sweet when they are sick!

Devan after throwing up... "I'm so sorry Mom" Me, "It's ok Dev, I'll never be mad at you for being sick, I'm sorry you're sick" Dev "It's ok Mom" Later I told him to try to make it into the bathroom if he threw up again. Dev "Mom, I did it in the bathroom because I'm a BIG boy now!" Me "Can I get you anything Devan?" Dev, "Can you get me some medicine" Me, "What kind of medicine" Devan, "The kind that makes me not throw up anymore" (Me wanting to cry, because I don't have the only thing he wants) After taking care of Devan and cuddling with him, Dev, "You're the very best Mom EVER"

Tristan after getting him cleaned up and into bed, "Will you sing to me mom" Me, "What do you want me to sing?" Tristan, "lead me guide me walk beside me" After singing it once, Tristan, "Will you sing Lead me guide me walk beside me again?" I sang again and then he said, "Will you sing another song" Me, "What song do you want now" Tristan, "One about Jesus".

I don't give justice at all to the cuteness and sweetness of my boys, but they really are sweet. I love those two so much.


tphillips said...

OK this post seriously made me precious are those little moments. I'm sorry they are is the worse to feel so helpless especially when it comes to your kids. You are a good mom!!!

Bree said...

Lana!! I'm so sorry to hear that you and the boys are sick! That stinks!!! Especially since Chad is gone. Seems like every time my girls get sick it's when James is out of town. :( Hope you don't get the bug and that you're all feeling better soon!! AND I hope your visiting teachers read this and come take care of you since your fam is too far away! :)

lauren said...

They're so sweet. I love that they just adore you! That's too bad that they're sick while you're flying solo there! Hope you're doing ok too!