Monday, November 15, 2010


Grandma Iwalani and Papa Bruce came to visit over the weekend. It was a great visit and the boys were digging all the extra attention. We went to the zoo and train ride, to the park (while mom got a much needed haircut), out to ice cream, Devan's football game, out to dinner, played lots of games of hide and seek with grandpa, put together lots of puzzles, and made homemade ice cream. It was so nice having all the extra help. I felt like I had a live in maid over the weekend. The boys were so sad to see them leave to the airport. When it was time to leave the house Devan asked them why they couldn't live in Texas forever. And after lots of "goodbye's" and "love you grandma and grandpa" we dropped them off at the airport. The boys had the most heartbreaking looks on their faces, and as I pulled the car away, Devan said in a sad whisper, "I love you too grandma and grandpa". It broke my heart! What lucky boys to have such great grandparents though.


Shannon Dooley said...

So sweet!

tphillips said...

Aw that is priceless. I love good grandparents!!!

Seth and Natalie said...

That is awesome they came to visit while Chad was away. How wonderful that you had a little alone time. I love grandparents too, we're so lucky!