Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's

We had a fun little April Fool's dinner for the boys and my friend Michelle's family.

The kids were quite excited when I told them we would be having cake for dinner. When I put it on the table I heard, "ooooo... cake, yum". What they didn't know was that this special cake had cheese instead of frosting and was filled with pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and pizza sauce. They also had a special drink, that looked quite yummy, but when they went to drink it, it stayed in the cup. This was jello :) My friend's little girl had the cup tipped clear over and said, "It's not working!"

These are Michelle's delicious "Moldy rolls".... yum!
Since we had cake for dinner, I thought we better get some protein and veggies in for dessert, so we had peas and carrots with butter (taffy rolled into peas and carrots, and melted white chocolate for the butter). The chicken nuggets were sugar waffers covered in peanut butter and crushed cornflakes. And the "Ketchup" was strawberry jelly.

It was fun watching the kids discover the food wasn't quite what it seemed.


Sherry said...

You make holidays SO fun! The 'cake' looks delicious!

Seth and Natalie said...

Man, I wish I was one of your kids! That would be pretty fun. I figured since their dad teases them year round I didn't have to think of anything to trick my kids with on the 1st :) Plus I'm not nearly as clever or handy as you are.

lauren said... have got to be one of the most creative people I know! Where do you find the time to do all this!? You are amazing! And you're are more than welcome to come cook at my house ANYTIME!

Shannon Dooley said...

That's so awesome! You rock! (And that ain't no April Fool's joke girlfiend!) :-) XOXO

Ashley said...

How fun, you'll have to give the recipe so I can try that with my family next year! Too fun.

John said...

What a fun and creative mom you are,Lana! Im so impressed by you-hope your boys know what an awesome mom they have:)

Bree said...

You're pretty much the coolest mom ever, Lana. Thanks for making me look so bad!! ;) I need to start making things more fun around here!! Love and miss you guys!! :)