Friday, August 7, 2009

The best

Every day in Idaho was a blast, but I think the best part was hanging out at my mom's and having family over to play! Jake and Lauren were awesome and we hung out almost every day. The rest of my fam is awesome too, but just not as...haha, just kidding I love you all and thanks everyone for spending so much time with us. My mom gets a shout out to, I just love the quality time she spends with the kids when we come over. She's always pulling out toys for them or taking them outside even if she had been at work all day. So here's my last Idaho pictures...FINALLY!

Devan's first time with sprinklers! Uncle Jake put on a pretty good firework show that night as well. Tristan having fun on the swingset.
Devan LOVED jumping on the trampoline.

What a kiss!

Devan and his buddy Blake, my cousin Ben's son. Devan had so much fun playing with him. He's a year older than Devan and Blake taught him some cool new things, like how to climb on top of the sandbox :)

Devan with "Dog", yes that's his name.

Exploring the farm.

Devan Grace, and Olivia. These guys were so funny, they'd come up with different poses and say ok now take our picture like this. Grace and Olivia were so sweet playing with my boys.


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Lauren said...

I LOVE those pictures! What did Chad think of the one when it looked like Devan was a fire-shooting-darth-vader-maniac?? You know which one I'm talking about?? Some of those turned out pretty darn neat! We sure miss hanging out with you guys and having you just down the road to go bombard everyday!! :)