Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walker Reunion

I was glad I could go to our Walker family reunion while I was home. It was held at the Rigby Lake. Those who put it together did a wonderful job, you could tell a lot of time and effort went into it.

My Grandma (bottom middle) and her sisters and brother.

Tristan at the lake.Nieces Grace and Olivia at the talent show. They are quite the comedians.
Potato bag races.
Devan LOVED these kittens. He'd hold them and say, "It's ok, I'll take care of you."
This little "train" was so much fun. It kept all the kids entertained for hours!
Tristan getting into trouble. He actually tried to pick up one of the buckets and drink the water like it was a cup. He got soaked!


Jessica said...

Your boys are just so cute! And, I know I say this a lot, but your pictures are really great! BTW, that train looks awesome!

Lerwill Mommy said...

Oh my goodness lana, when I seen that picture of your son, and the comment about him saying "its okay I'll take care of you" that is the sweetest thing ever! Made my day!

Michelle G. said...

Aww Devan is so cute with the kitties, esp. what he said. That's hilarious Tristan picked up a bucket. Did he cry when he got all wet? We miss you guys!