Monday, March 22, 2010

Some pictures...

Here's some pictures from the boys party and Tristan's birthday...
Tristan loves Elmo! I couldn't find a big cuddly Elmo anywhere, but he loved this one just fine.
I love that they have all these old school toys back, to bad I didn't get a better picture though. Every time we go to Target Tristan has wanted to get this play radio.
We actually had a hard time getting Tristan to open presents, he just wanted to play with balloons.
At the party, we colored pirate pictures while we waited for everyone.
Chad helping Tristan make a pirate necklace
Abby showing off her necklace.
Jared found the next "clue" in the treasure hunt
The kids finding the treasure hidden in the sandbox.
Yummy treasure treats
I know what Tanner wants for his birthday, trucks trucks trucks :)

Devan and Tristan didn't want to dress up for their own party :(
Devan and Abigail checking out their loot
I love how Daniel's Mom gave him curly chest hair, haha!
opening fun gifts
Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you!
Yummy pirate cupcakes!
Are they crumbs or a beard, I dunno?


Mike & Traci said...

What a fun Pirate party :) Also I love the deserts you did for the baby shower. They ALL looked soo yummy!! Hopefully you can come to Utah and throw me a baby shower someday ;)

Loved all the pics! Thanks for sharing

Seth and Natalie said...

Oh my, you went to a ton of work to make such a great party. And it's so warm and sunshiney that the kids could even wear pirate clothes. Congrats on have a newly two year old, I hope the terribleness doesn't come with his new age! Cute pictures, as always, especially in the pics in the post below.
PS where did you get that cute cowboy shirt? It would be a good one for my cute cowboy.


Piratey stuff is fun! Thanks for sharing the pics.. your little ones are darling.

My blog url has changed, I just thought I would let you know. On your blog roll, I noticed you still had it for my other blog. =) have a good day. enjoy the sunshine, it was snowing here a day or so ago.. HA!