Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tristan 2.0

I've put this post off for awhile now, maybe because I've been in denial my little baby is already 2. For his birthday Grandma Iwalani and Grandpa Bruce were here to celebrate. We had a combined pirate party for both the boys on Saturday. They had a lot of fun. I sent out invitations the week before, and Devan loved them, he had me read it over and over again. Here's how the read (in a gruff pirate voice of course)

AHOY THERE MATEY! Ye be invited to a swash-bucking time at Pirate Devan and Tristan's Buccaneer birthday bash! Chart yer course for, 13631 Topaz Lake, the 13thd day of March because ye ship sails at 10:00. They'll be needing all their mates to help raise the sails, wash the deck, and search for buried treasure. It be requested that ye wave yer flag if ye be attendin, or have yer mum send message (555)555-5555 or See ye there, if not you'll be forced to walk ye plank!!

**Wear yer finest pirate gear

At the party we had a treasure hunt with one clue leading to the next. At the end they ended up at the X marks the spot on the lid of the sand box. I had helium balloons attached to their goody bags and when they took they lid up they all floated up. After that we had pizza and a pirate hat cake and cupcakes and opened gifts. It was great to share their birthday with some family and fun friends.


Bree said...

Ahhhh!! He is SO cute! Those pictures are absolutely adorable!! Love the TX hat!! :) Lana please oh please take pictures of my girls this summer!!
You are so creative--love the invitation and idea with the balloons!! You are awesome! Can't wait to see pics of the party!

{ Lana Cox } said...

I can't wait to take pictures of your girls this summer Bree!!